Genteel racism

For some reason, people have a mental image of racism as violent, ignorant, lower-class, crude, crass, and irrational. I talk about what racist beliefs look like when they're held by genteel, polite, educated, upper class, scientifically-minded people, and why we should care about this form of racism.


The Reactionary Mind (1st ed. – 2011)

The author of this book read the writings of a lot of conservative intellectuals and uses that to describe the psychology of a reactionary -- a type of conservative who is largely driven by preservation of hierarchy, even at the expense of tradition. He describes the process that creates reactionary politics, which I summarize with a meme.

Where Asian-Americans fit into the fight for racial justice

A first stab at describing how I see race in the U.S. informed by experiences as an Asian. My experiences with racism involve both experiencing it firsthand and being largely protected from it. I think Asian-Americans tend to have the effect of thwarting white racial supremacy beliefs. And I think the Asian-American ethnic category is kind of bizarre and fake but also can be an uplifting symbol of solidarity capable of transcending nations, language, and histories of violence and oppression.