Now that I’ve had this blog for a while, it seems like the best way to describe my interests (based on what I tend to write about the most frequently) is that they’re at the intersection of politics and personal psychology/mental wellness. I’m interested in what psychological purpose people’s politics serve; in how people rationalize / justify / make peace with disturbing ethical positions; in how politics are a reflection of people’s mental models or their personality; and in a variety of topics that are simultaneously a political issue and a self-help issue, such as people’s personal ability to handle criticism.

I created this blog because I think there is a lot of propaganda being produced by various wings of the center/right in the U.S., and not a lot of left-wing responses that deal with that propaganda head on. Normally I would post these thoughts on Facebook, but I am way too TL;DR for Facebook.

So far, there are two different types of posts: (1) summaries of books I’ve read recently, and (2) collected thoughts on a topic unconnected to a book (although sometimes inspired by a book I’ve read recently!). I do not make money from reviewing books, and links to buy the books I talk about are just for people’s reference so they can follow up if they wish (if you can get them for free from a library, that’s even better!). Ads are placed by WordPress.com and I don’t have control over them. I might in the future migrate this site to its own domain, but so far I’m happy with keeping it as a free WordPress.com site. In other words, I don’t make money off of this site.

Aqua = a greenish shade of blue
Rusa = a type of deer