Incongruent dichotomies: Smart vs. pretty

It's possible that people might think that looks and smarts trade off. In this post, I talk about where this false dichotomy seems to be at play, why one might intuitively believe it, why such a belief is mistaken, and why this belief can wreak havoc on one's self-esteem and one's relationships.

Mapping the Political Space – Part III: Enlightenment and Romantic Aesthetics

As part of my series on mapping the political space, I talk about two intellectual periods, the Enlightenment and the Romantic movement, that embody and inspire two clusters of aesthetics. I go over how both of these aesthetics can be used for good or ill, and discuss how these aesthetics are adopted by various political ideologies/camps.

Genteel racism

For some reason, people have a mental image of racism as violent, ignorant, lower-class, crude, crass, and irrational. I talk about what racist beliefs look like when they're held by genteel, polite, educated, upper class, scientifically-minded people, and why we should care about this form of racism.