On the concept of rape culture

I talk about two ways of defining rape culture and explain why the milder version is still disturbing and is clearly at play in my social circles (U.S. middle-to-upper-middle class millennials in a university setting). I look at the realm of dating to argue that notions of male superiority contribute to a rape culture and discuss alternative ways to frame dating to avoid naively absorbing this rape culture.

On Involuntary Celibacy

When people talk about incels and when incels talk about their plight of being sexless, there is a temptation to focus exclusively on the sexual aspects, and understandably (given the name of the community) that seems to be what it's all about. In this post I discuss the emotional, social, and cultural aspects of having sex and being in a romantic relationshp and how reducing the incel problem to sex obsession is not honest, moral, or helpful.

Marriage Markets (2014)

This book is a detailed analysis of the puzzle of why (some) marriages in the U.S. are becoming increasingly unstable. It argues that changes in job opportunities create bifurcated marriage markets which lead to bifurcated marriage behavior. In doing so, the book touches on issues of gender, race, and class, and argues that this bifurcated marriage behavior can exacerbate societal inequality.